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Longtown Community Primary School is fortunate in having an experienced and enthusiastic governing body, who each bring their own specific skills and experience. Together, they are able to use these abilities collectively in order to provide the school with the support and equally, the challenge it needs to thrive.

The governing body has a structure of full governing body meetings and two committees dealing with the areas of Education and Business.

The Chair of Governors may be contacted via the following address:  Mrs Kym Wilcocks, C/O Longtown Community Primary School, Longtown, Herefordshire, HR2 0LE

The Clerk to the Governors is Anne Lloyd who can be contacted via the school office.

Governor’s “Round up” of the year 2015/16

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Longtown and Fairfield has proved to be a very positive arrangement for both schools. Sue Gaston and Jane Edwards provide strong leadership and management of our school. The SLA also provides SEN, Music, PE and Administrative support.

Policies – several policies have been reviewed and revised including Finance, EYFS, Attendance and Safeguarding.

Training – Several Governors have participated in training for Induction for new Governors, OFSTED, Safer Recruitment and Safeguarding.

The Business committee has met termly to monitor the budget. During the summer holiday we are pleased that work will begin on the new cloakroom areas outside Classes 2 and 3. Work will also take place to remove and re-site the toilets from Class 1.

The Education and Standards committee has met termly monitoring pupil progress, quality of teaching and learning, use of pupil premium funding, and the input from the SENCO. This committee has been given input on the new assessment procedures and the new National Curriculum. Some Governors have formally visited the school and reported back on various aspects e.g. lunchtime supervision.

The full Governing body has met termly to receive reports from the committees, the Executive HT and to monitor the School development plan (SDP) as well as other areas.

Yet again we have had the full compliment of Governors who all have the necessary skills to carry out their duties.

The Governing body has reviewed the SLA and has agreed the revised 2016/17 SLA. We are extremely pleased that this strong working partnership will continue in the best interests of all concerned.

Kym Wilcocks, Chair of Governors.

 The current governing body comprises:

Kym Wilcocks – Chair of Governors                                                                                                             Local Authority Governor - 4 year term - Education/Business Committees

Kym was born in Abergavenny and trained as both a singer and teacher in Cardiff. She began her teaching career in Portsmouth. Her first headship in 1994 was of an Infant and Nursery school followed, in 1999 she became head of a large inner-city primary school.  She has first hand experience of OFSTED; turning around a deficit budget; working with the Local authority and outside agencies; dealing with the media; working with a cluster of schools; supporting staff with their professional development and the many other issues that come with headship!

In her current role of Chair of Governors her professional experience enables her to contribute to all aspects of school life. In particular she enjoys assisting in the classroom being involved in children’s learning.  Kym works closely with the Executive and Assistant Headteachers in order to ensure that your children are provided with the best education possible in our school.

She is married to Philip, with two grown-up sons.

The Revd Nicholas Lowton MA, FRSA – Vice-Chair of Governors & Chair of Education Committee - Deisgnated Safeguarding Governor - Co-opted Governor - 4 year term

After studying Classics at Oxford, Nicholas taught for three years at Whitgift School before moving to Cheltenham College in 1979 as Head of Classics and later as Senior Housemaster, Director of Marketing, Assistant Chaplain, after ordination in 1989, and, finally, Senior Master. At both schools, he directed a wide range of plays and musicals. He has had a house in Craswall since 1984, becoming Vicar of the Black Mountains Group in 2010. He reads voraciously, attempts to keep a garden under control, listens to a wide range of music and walks his inexhaustible dogs.

 Jenny Hayes – Parent Governor - 4 year term - Business Committee

Jenny was brought up in the Midlands where she worked in accountancy. She moved to Herefordshire in 2009 and is married with a son and three young daughters. Her husband works as a procurement manager in the Civil Engineering industry. Until the birth of her youngest daughter she worked at Longtown School as a qualified play worker. In her spare time she enjoys needlework and breeding Labradors. 

Sharon Sherno – Parent Governor - 4 year term - Business Committee

Sharon started her career teaching abroad, firstly at a small English medium primary school in Cairo in the early 1990s, then in Ankara, Turkey, teaching English to secondary school pupils, followed by a post teaching General English to adults in Bari, Italy. Returning to England she taught for 10 years at the University of Hertfordshire supporting international students studying various degree subjects, and in 2001 gained an MA in Linguistics and Teaching English to International Students from The Institute of Education in London.  Having moved to Herefordshire in 2010, Sharon no longer teaches, but marks English Language exams at IGCSE level. She also looks after her two daughters currently at Longtown School, helps with the Knitting Club at school and plays around with willow, making plant supports, hurdles/fencing and is learning to make baskets.

Vicki Stinchcombe – Co-opted Governor - 4 year term - Education Committee

 Vicki began her career in a large primary school in Bristol, where as a class 5/6 teacher she had responsibility for literacy and PE. She became a Deputy Head, where her expertise was in behaviour management, emotional intelligence and literacy, and then moved on to take up a research position at the University of Bristol. As part of this she completed a Master’s in Education that focused on the transition between KS2 and 3. More recently she has been working as an educational consultant for Creative Partnerships, working with schools in the Midlands to develop creative approaches to learning and the curriculum. Passionate about improving children's educational experiences she was also a visiting lecturer for UWE, working alongside and mentoring student teachers. She moved to the area in 2013 and is currently supporting the development of the School’s Council. She has two granddaughters at Longtown School.

Klaus Wedell – Associate Member - Education Committee (SEND Governor)

In his professional life Klaus Wedell was concerned with children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SENDs). When he retired to Longtown in 1995, he volunteered for some years as a Learning Support Assistant at Longtown  School. He is very interested in collaboration between small schools, and chaired the Governing Body for about 8 years. He was also Chair of Herefordshire’s Education Action Zone for 5 years. He recently re-joined the governing body as an associate governor for SENDs.

 Ron Brierly - Co-opted Governor - Chair of Business Committee

 Ron was brought up in Devon.  At the age of 18 he joined Cable & Wireless and worked for them for 30 years in the Caribbean, Middle East and Far East.  During his working career Ron rose up through the ranks from Engineer to Senior Management where he had responsibility for managing large teams of staff and multi-million pound budgets.  He has a Higher National Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering and a 1st Class Honours degree in Maths.  In 2013 Ron retired to Longtown and became a governor in 2016.  He enjoys the outdoors life that the area offers and is a keen walker.

Sharon Williams - Co-pted Governor - Business Committee

Megan Jefferies - Staff Governor - Education Committee  

Megan Jefferies teaches Class Two at Longtown Primary School. Megan has always wanted to be a teacher completing a BA Hons degree in Educational studies and Humanities. She then went on to gain a PGCE in 2013, completing one of her work placements at Longtown.

In her spare time Megan likes to sing in a choir, cook and get outdoors!   She has built on these interests at Longtown, establishing a School choir with one of her colleagues and developing the school garden with members of the local community.

Sue Gaston - Headteacher Governor - Education/Business Committees

Name  Date of Appointment Term of Office Date of Resignation

Attendance in 2016-2017 Academic Year


 Full Governing Body 

Eligible  Committee

Kym Wilcocks  31/8/16  4 years N/A 3of 3

6 of 6

Nicholas Lowton  1/6/15  4 years  N/A 3 of 3 2 of 3
 Jenny Hayes  1/6/15  4 years  N/A 2 of 3 2 of 3
Sharon Sherno   1/6/15  4 years  N/A 2 of 3 3of 3
 Vicki Stinchcombe  1/6/15  4 years  N/A  3 of 3 3 of 3
 Klaus Wedell  1/6/15  4 years   N/A  2 of 3 3 of 3
 Diane Fawcett  1/6/15  4 years  N/A  1 of 2 1 of 2
 Ron Brierly  6/10/16  4 years N/A 3 of 3 3 of 3
Sue Gaston  1/6/15 4 years N/A 3 of 3 6 of 6
 Liz Lloyd  1/6/15  4 years 2/3/17 1 of 2 2 of 2
Carley Irving  1/6/15 4 years 31/8/16 4 of 4 3 of 4
Megan Jefferies 12/10/16 4 years N/A 3 of 3 2 of 3
Sharon Williams 1/11/17 4 years N/A N/A N/A


Register of Interests

The following information indicates any relevant business interest of governors and details of any other educational establishments they govern.

Mrs Kym Wilcocks - Executive of the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) .

                                 Chair of the School committee for the DBE.

Mrs Sue Gaston - Head Teacher of Fairfield High School

Mrs Diane Fawcett - Supervisor of Longtown Pre-School

Mr Ron Brierly - Partner to a supply teacher employed by Hoople Resourcing


List of Governors who have resigned in the last 12 months

Liz Lloyd –  Community Governor - 4 year term resigned March 2017

Carley Irving – Staff Governor - 4 year term - Education Committee resigned July 2016