Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Autumn Term 2012

Groovy Greeks (September 2012) (7 images)

The first topic of the year was the ‘Groovy Greeks’. This aptly followed the great success of the London 2012 Olympics. We loved learning about all the fascinating Greek myths and making our Greek pots. We concluded the topic with a fabulous Greek day. The children tried a range of tasty Greek treats, constructed Greek temples and created tragic Greek masks.

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Human body (October 2012) (7 images)

As part of our science topic last term the children learnt all about their bodies. This included: exploring how bones and muscles work together to help movement; discovering how teeth work and how we can keep them healthy. The great ‘eggs-periment’ kept us fascinated for a week! We eagerly watched as the different liquids decayed the egg shells (representing our tooth enamel).

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A Right Royle Christmas (10 images)

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Sian the Elf (43 images)

Following our visit to Clearwell Caves, we had a special visit from one of Santa’s helpers. Sian the Elf was a very busy Elf and needed our help. She set up an Elf Workshop for the children to help her design, make, wrap and deliver Christmas presents. Whilst some of the children worked hard in the Elf Workshop, Sian the Elf helped the children make Christmas decorations. We all had a truly magical day.

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Clearwell Caves 2012 (51 images)

Class 1 from both Longtown and Michaelchurch visited a truly magical place called ‘Clearwell Caves.’ The children explored the underground caves where the story of ‘The Very Hungry Polar Bear’ was told and illustrated throughout. It was like a giant pop-up book. The children also visited a Christmas Grotto, where they met Santa and were then able to choose a special gift. We had a wonderful time and will hopefully go again next year.

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Nativity 2012 (32 images)

I was really impressed with Class 1 children who improvised and performed a traditional Nativity play. There were tears both heartfelt and of laughter throughout. Well done Class 1.

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'A right Royle Christmas' (December 2012) (5 images)

Well done to all of Key Stage 2 children who wrote and performed an amazing Christmas show this year. We had fun and we hope you enjoyed it!

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@ Bristol (November 2012) (5 images)

As part of the Human Body topic, Key Stage 2 from Michaelchurch and Longtown went to @ Bristol. We enjoyed a very informative and interesting show about the human body – we even saw inside a pair of real cow’s lungs! The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the interactive science exhibits.

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