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Longtown Community Primary School


Class 2 - Mrs Jefferies

Welcome to Class 1 at Longtown Primary School

Class Topics

Summer Term 2018


This term we will be learning all about 'Ocean and seas' and 'Life at the Seaside.

Through a series of lively and interesting activities the children will build their knowledge of oceans and seas around the world. They will begin to understand the different environments these represent and how they affect life on land as well as at sea. They will develop their geographical skills and build up their knowledge of food chains, exploration, and evolution!

Learn about the seas that surround the UK. Develop knowledge of the oceans and continents of the world. Inspired by the stormy seascapes of J. M. W. Turner, use a variety of techniques to create textured watercolour paintings and turn them into sea-storm collages. .

As always in maths, the children will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs or in small groups to investigate ideas, using models and images to support their learning. The emphasis is on learning through practical ‘hands on’ activities through a process of enquiry and experiment.


Recent  Class Activities

Let's explore! (17 images)

Inventors, dinosaurs, Continents and more!

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Traditional Tales (11 images)

Jack and the Beanstalk!

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Superheroes! (26 images)

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Our first week (8 images)

What fun we have had!

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Class Information

Please note:

    • Forest Schools will take place every Tuesday. The children can come into school in their Forest School kits on that day. 

    • Class 1 will take part in two sessions of Physical Education (PE) a week. PE sessions will take place on a  Thursday and a Friday. 



Tasks are mainly set around the children’s reading books and 'Read Write Inc' phonic sessions.

High frequency words will be given out to both reception and Year One children.

Some Year One children  will be given spellings based around the grapheme or 'word families' being taught during the week.

To help your children further in phonics, you can purchase Ruth Miskin sound cards online. If you need assistance with this, please come and see me. 


The Year One children will be set 'Froggy Maths' homework each week (Fri - Fri).

Here are some great maths websites for your children to practise their numeracy skills:

Top Marks

KS1 Bitesize

ICT Games

Crickweb Numeracy

For details of our curriculum look on the Curriculum page.

If you would like to discuss anything with me, please do not hesitate to ring or drop in after school for a chat.