Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Class 3 - Mrs Reynolds & Mrs Barnes

Welcome to Class 3 at Longtown Primary School!

Summer  Term

In Literacy this half-term,  we will be enjoying a range of spooky stories.  Starting with the Neil Gaiman's re-telling of Hansel & Gretel - 'a darkly brilliant fairy tale' - we will explore different techniques that authors use to create tension and suspense and then applying them in our own work.  Our non-fiction focus is information texts and we will be developing our skills in researching, note-taking, summarising and organising information.   

In Maths, we will be learning about statistics, interpreting and drawing different types of tables and graphs.  We will move on to look at position and direction, developing our skills using coordinates and transforming shapes in different ways. We will be re-visiting place value to further our understanding of decimals and calculations involving decimals.  Children will develop fluency and efficiency in employing a range of strategies as well as applying their understanding to tackle different reasoning challenges. 

Our Geography topic for the first half-term is 'Coasts' in which children will learn about the formation of different physical coastal features, the changing coastline and human usage and impact on the coast.  We are looking forward to experiencing these learning points for real when we visit the beautiful Gower peninsula for our residential trip at the end of May.    

In Science, we will be focusing on 'Living things and their habitats'.  We will be examining the characteristics, similarities and differences of animals and plants and learning about classification systems. We will be working scientifically using classification keys to categorise different organisms found around the school.  Our Computing focus this half-term is programming and children will be working with Mrs Irving on coding using Lego WeDo models. 


P.E. sessions will be held on Monday and Friday afternoons.  

 Class Information

 Please note:

  • Please could children leave PE kits in school for a half term, this way they won’t have to remember it twice a week. The children will need outdoor P.E. clothes.
  • Forest Schools is on alternate Thursdays. Children need to bring in warm Forest School kit.

 Weekly activities

Children will all have a homework diary this year to help keep track of reading at home and homework tasks.  Homework will be given out on Friday and should usually be completed by the following Thursday.  

Homework set may vary depending on what is being studied in class and the needs of children.

  • Children should read at home regularly and make a note in their diary when they have read.  We appreciate parents' support in encouraging regular reading.
  • Spellings will be sent home weekly to learn (test on Fridays). Your support in helping children understand the spelling 'rule' or pattern and the meaning of the words is appreciated.  All children have access now to the Spelling Shed games.  Weekly spelling lists will be loaded onto the site and children are also able to access all primary spelling lists (organised by stages) for additional practice www.spellingshed.com 
  • Maths tasks are set weekly on either www.mymaths.co.uk or sent home on paper to practise and consolidate skills.


 If you would like to discuss anything with us, please do not hesitate to ring or drop in after school for a chat.