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Forest Schools with Mrs Evans

At Longtown Primary School, Forest Schools aims to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

Forest Schools allows children to build a relationship with our area and understanding and appreciation of the environment.  It allows children to learn new skills, build confidence, self-esteem and independence whilst enjoying the benefits of fresh air and the outdoors.

Forest Schools takes place in all weathers in the first Autumn Term and resumes in the Spring.  Children are provided with appropriate outer clothing so that they can fully and comfortably participate in their activities, the aim is to have fun whilst staying dry and warm!

We are fortunate to be able to use the beautiful surroundings of farmland, river, mountains, and woodland that surround our school which provide us with the wonderful natural resources in which our forest school activities flourish.

In addition to the leader assessing risks with all activities, the children are encouraged to identify potential risks and to suggest ways to stay safe whilst playing and working in the woods.

Over the years we have established close links with the Outdoor Education Centre whose facilities and expertise continue to provide a valuable asset for our school.

Recent Activities

At Forest Schools we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  

Class 1 have been using their senses to make "smelly" Autumn colour charts.  They have been taking a close look at caterpillars.  Also, they have been enjoying the golden and red colours of the autumn leaves and made wonderful Autumn Crowns.  They have searched for the "leaf man" and eaten scrumptious toasted marshmallows.

Meanwhile, Classes 2 and 3 have been using track identification charts to discover which animals are roaming in the woods and have set up their own stick trails for other teams to follow through the woods - showing great co-operation and teamwork.

Class 2 used the green tomatoes from our school garden to make some superb chutney - delicious!!! While Class 3 made Bannock bread and cooked it on the fire wok - this tasted fabulous too!!

Both classes have completed a tower challenge and an egg challenge as well.  They have an abundance of enthusiasm and fabulous team spirit too!