Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Pupil Premium, Recovery Premium and Sports Premium Funding

Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium Funding

As a school we receive funding which has been introduced by the Government to enable us to develop strategies, which can raise the attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. This funding is called Pupil Premium.

2021-2022 Pupil Premium Statement

2022 - 2023 Pupil Premium Statement 

2023 - 2024 Pupil Premium Statement


Pupil Premium Outcomes Statement 

Pupil Premium children represent 11% of the total number of children on roll at Longtown.

Because pupil numbers are less than 10, it would not be appropriate to publish figures due to the risk of individual pupils being identified.


Sports Premium - Primary Schools Sports Funding 

The Sports Premium is  funded jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and provides money directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

Purpose of funding

Schools will have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

 PE and Sports Funding Action 2022/23

Plan for PE and Sport Premium Funding 2023/2024


Playground markings supplier, Signet Play, are providing thermoplastic playground markings for our school.