Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Spring Term 2013

Numeracy (22 images)

We have lots of fun in numeracy!

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Electricity (17 images)

Last term we had lots of fun learning all about electricity! The children showed a lot of enthusiasm for the topic and the lessons were designed around their interests and curiosities. The children learnt how to label and draw a circuit using symbols as well as how to wire a plug! The children also made fruit batteries and explored static electricity. The children applied their knowledge and made a range of working alarm systems in design technology – thank you for the shoe boxes!!

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Literacy (8 images)

Literacy work last term focused on, ‘Stories with Issues and Dilemmas’. The children read and discussed a selection of stories that presented dilemmas for the characters. As part of our on going ‘Big Write’ project children planned and published their own stories using issues and dilemmas as the focus. Phillip Schofield (a local author who writes for children) read all of the children's stories. He discussed the merits of each story with the children and presented them all with a certificate.

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Our Sheep Project (4 images)

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Making bread (29 images)

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Messy Play (15 images)

Last term the children were introduced to Messy Play, which they thoroughly enjoyed! Messy Play is a fun, interesting and exciting way for children to learn and develop many different skills. Hands-on messy play provided our children with the opportunities to compare textures such as smooth, rough, hard and soft and use vital mathematical, measuring and counting skills.

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Number Muncher Cafe (21 images)

The children enjoyed learning number through drama based lessons. The drama was set in Story Land, at Number Muncher Café. The children helped Suzie Chef cook numbers for Double Trouble, Even Stephen, Oddbod, Number Bond Tom and Less Than Stan.

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'Send a cow' (January 2013) (4 images)

Bob Crouch works for the charity ‘Send a cow’. He visited the school to talk to the children about life in Uganda. The children are prepared for his visit by creating a range of questions to ask him in the hot seat!

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