Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Spring Term 2015

Chinese New Year (7 images)

The children enjoyed joining in with Chinese traditional customs. They made steamed Chinese buns and then tried both the buns and noodles using chopsticks! They also took part in Chinese New Year crafts; making instruments and masks. Finally the children performed a Chinese New Year dance to the school and parents.

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Viking Longship (9 images)

The children had a fantastic day when Charlie Lupton came to visit. The children took part in an engaging workshop which allowed them to learn all about Viking life. The children learnt to weave using a loom, sewed a Viking sail, use rivets to make shields and built their very own Viking Long ship!

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Young Voices (5 images)

Members of class 2 and 3 had a fantastic time performing at the Young voices music concert in Birmingham!

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Volcanoes! (4 images)

We had great fun learning about the formation of Volcanoes. The children had researched the features of Volcanoes and had great fun imitating volcanic eruptions. We are looking forward to learning about the world's most active volcanoes!

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