Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Summer Term 2015


Habitats (6 images)

The children kicked started our topic by going outdoors and looking for evidence of mini beasts and other species in our school grounds. We observed the conditions of their habitats and the plants that surrounded them in preparation for our topic.

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This year has been fun! (9 images)

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Volcano Fun! (7 images)

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Bristol Aquarium (8 images)

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Superhero Day! (6 images)

The children had so much fun making their own superhero costume. Most of all they enjoyed completing superhero training with a real superhero, 'Bananaman!'

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Our school garden (12 images)

Class two have been working in the school garden throughout the academic year. We have; prepared the flower beds, turned the compost and sowed a wide range of vegetable seeds. The summer term has rewarded us with a range of wonderful home-grown treats! We have recently cooked our own school lunch outside with our produce. We designed our own menu and enjoyed a fresh salad, roast potatoes, stir fried vegetables and strawberry shortbread stacks!

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